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19 - Investors - PurchasingPlaninsek Property Group specialises in residential property investments.

Our team can assist you in buying, selling or managing an investment property and are able to advise you on all aspects of property investments.

Viewing Properties

Do you have the time to research all Melbourne suburbs and view scores of properties?

We can do all the preliminary work for you.

  • Research and identify suitable properties
  • Screen all possibilities
  • Prepare a short list
  • Walk through inspections with you

Toni Planinsek, the principal of Planinsek Property Group, has recently published a book “Her Property” designed to help woman investors entering the market.

Investment Purchase

We understand the importance of buying the right property at the right price. We believe the money is in the buying. We can assist with the purchase if you are entering the investment market for the first time or if you want to increase your portfolio.

Would you like access to all potential investment properties including those classified as off-market?

  • We have access to properties which are not yet advertised
  • We can provide property reports for all Melbourne suburbs
As Buyers Agents – We Are Exceptional Negotiators

Are you an experienced negotiator?

  • We have a team of highly skilled negotiators.
  • We have the experience to ensure you get the best property at the best price.

If we are selling our client’s investment property we are conscious of the importance not to lose the rental income during this process. We are experts in selling tenanted properties all over Melbourne.

Most agents will want your tenant to vacate the property, which can result in a long period of time without any rental income, the length of the selling period plus the required settlement time.

This can mean for a period of several months you will lose the rental income from the property. Our aim is to have the tenants staying as long as possible and we are skilled in marketing your property without the tenant vacating during the selling process.

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